Warmth or firmness with warmth. Copper is something durable yet soft and impressionable. It is a great heat and electrical conductor, and is sometimes linked with love through its astrological connection with Venus. Because it is so often used as an alternative aid with arthritis as a bracelet, there may be some link with this.

Copper pipes are used to carry water, and so if it is a water pipe in your dream this is in some way showing how you direct your emotions or energy.

Copper is not considered a precious metal, so in some dreams it is used to suggest something of low value, as with some currencies that use it for low value coins.

In some countries ‘copper’ is also linked with the police. In the past the word was used to describe a large pot made of copper for heating and washing clothes in, a ‘copper’ that was suspended above a fire. Copper plates were etched to print with as well. Such associations might be used in a dream to suggest old fashioned, or past ways of doing things.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is my dream about value, if so where am I placing my sense of value or lack of it?

Does the dream have a feeling of the past about it, and if so what do I associate with that, or with that period?

What are my feelings about the copper, and where do I find those feelings in waking life?

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-Patrick 2017-07-31 20:39:22

I dreamed that I as to hold tightly to two pure copper pennies in my right hand. As I did, a wind with a malevolent, fearful aura encircled my body. Holding tight to the two copper pennies, I was able to break free from the dream and wake up.

-tippi 2017-02-27 18:00:06

In shamanic journey i saw a copper monolith. surrounded by cactus in the desert and am searching for meaning. any advice appreciated.

    -Susan L 2017-05-23 18:41:26

    I believe the copper monolith in the desert is an actual structure you will happen upon. Once you see it, it might or might not be a monolith but might be reminiscent of one. The copper monolith might represent a red haired person you know who is like a “prickly cactus” or it could be you who is surrounded by prickly, unpleasant people.

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