Usually associated with keeping afloat, therefore to do with you ability to keep positive in perhaps difficult circumstances. But it also is usually part of the experience of opening a bottle. This might refer to being uncorked – in other words being allowed to be active after a quiescent period; the release from pressure from being ‘bottled up’; or even celebration of some kind.

Cork is also used for insulation, soundproofing, and also as a pin board for notices. So if these themes are in your dream, ask yourself how they apply to you.

Cork is the natural bark of a tree, so your dream might be using this association with you having a protective layer around you.

If floating: Confidence, perseverance, high spiritedness, the ability to rise above circumstances, or win through troubles.

If in bottle: Feeling compressed, or perhaps in a bottle neck situation where your progress is impeded. Keeping something preserved or unavailable.

Example: Now I’m walking to take the form to the office and I’m walking on a “carpet” of sticks and twigs and hollow cork bark and pussy willows which have been sorted carefully so each kind of thing is all in a row. I pick up a cork bark still in the shape of a branch and admire its beauty. I admire the work that went into laying all the pussy willows out together in a row.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In what way is the cork appearing in my dream, and how does that link with my present life and feelings?

Is this about keeping afloat – and if so in what way am I experiencing that at the moment?

Am I keeping something bottled up – if so what is it?

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