Corn Wheat

Whether this is corn on the cob or wheat, it probably links with a harvest, a reward from work done. It also suggests fertility, nourishment and a sense of fullness. In some dreams it may represent sustenance or strength in times of need or trial. Occasionally wordplay for corny.

The seeds of corn also have the power of life and growth in them unless they have been processed, as happens with white rice and white flour, which has thus rendered them ‘dead’. They can thus indicate your potential for personal growth, but this usually links with a power within yourself, the power of Life itself, that has the ability to move you and unfold your potential. This inner activity links your independent life with the whole.

Because maize/corn was eaten at nearly every meal, and because it was therefore life sustaining even in difficult times, it  was seen as holy – a sustainer, giving fertility and therefore a link with the giver of All Life.

This is often about your own growth toward becoming a woman or man, for wheat is such a universally eaten food, and so is often used in dreams to represent the harvest of our life experience, our power of personal growth or its lack and also what we manifest with our life or growth.

Example: But a force caught me and turned the process from regression to growth. Now I was growing into a baby, a child. I was a seed of wheat opening with the power of growth pushing my being to expand and change. My penis was like a tree. When it was large enough others could shelter under it while they grew. The power of the ‘Thing’ into which I had fallen then spoke to me. It said that if I came to it each day in the same way – i.e. surrendering my ego – then it would grow me. The creative power would then realise itself in me through my growth.

The maize cob sometimes has a similar meaning – the many connected with the One – because of the way the kernels crowd on the cob. It also depicts fertility and plenty, and in some dreams the penis ready to impregnate. According to one version, the Mayan gods mixed their own blood with maize flour in order to create the first people, and to consume maize was literally to consume divine flesh, as Christianity sees bread as the flesh of Christ..

This is the same story told by Christian beliefs when we get to the basics of them – i.e. God created everything, so eating any living food is eating God.

Not eating the corn, or walking through the area in which corn grows, can suggest that you are not yet able to, or ready to, harvest or integrate, the potential and inner riches that are there for you.

Corn husk suggests either that you have got the richness from the corn already, or that there is nothing left for you, so emptiness.

Grinding corn shows you getting at the essence of what you have harvested of experience over the years of this life and others.

In some ancient rituals spiritual death and rebirth were linked with corn. This because in planting it for a new harvest it was buried and died to its old form. In dying in this way, the initiate was able to experience the power of Life or God, out of which their life had originally sprung. Planting corn might therefore either indicate your potential being released, or the conception of a baby or new phase of your life.

Example: During a major operation I dreamt I saw my little daughter – dead for many years – standing in a corn field. When she was actually buried the cemetery was skirted by a corn field, and later in life, coming to terms with this early death of a child, I imagined my daughter walking into the corn field. In the dream I walked into the corn field. My daughter was waiting for me with her arms held up. I put my arms to her and we greeted each other smiling. At that point I felt it wasn’t time to die yet, turned and walked out of the corn field. Ken Sprague.

Ken recovered from a serious illness and lived for several more years.

But a few people have an allergic reaction to wheat, and your dreams may reflect this. “People with a wheat allergy have an abnormal immune system response to at least one of the proteins that exist in wheat. Exposure to wheat can lead to breathing difficulties, nausea, hives, bloated stomach, and an inability to focus. In some people, anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic response, can occur.” Quote from Medical News Today. Also see

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any indication in my dream of harvesting or gathering – if so what am I gaining the benefits of at the moment, or what is coming into my life from past efforts?

Am I aware of an influence in my life that is like an inner growth from my core?

Do I feel as if I am facing or experiencing a spiritual death as an old self dies?

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-nusa suleiman 2018-01-20 19:19:17

i guess your correct in some cases

-Laureana Cacho Sheppard 2015-08-09 10:14:18

I dreamt that I saw a corn plant with big two/twin ears/fruits on its top ready to harvest but the plant has no more leaves but still standing straight. What does this dream means?

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