This has many possibilities, but the most frequent are to do with protection, concealment or inclusiveness – i.e. including something, as when two people cover themselves with a sheet, suggesting togetherness. It can also mean keeping something secret – ‘a cover-up’.

It might also be used to mean a creation of an atmosphere as in the example below.

Example: I was in a small sailing boat, about twelve foot long. It was covered with some sort of canopy, which made me feel I was in my home – as if I were living on the boat. A.T.C.

Another possibility is that it means some sort of situation, when someone is covered by flies or mice, suggesting an impressive and perhaps unnerving situation. In such cases what you feel in the dream is the clue to its meaning.

Idioms: Cover your arse; blow my cover; can’t tell a book by its cover; cover for me; cover up.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is something being hidden or protected – and if so what are you hiding or protecting?

What quality or function does the cover have, and how can I understand that to apply to my situation?

Am I wrapped up in something – if so what in life am I deeply involved in?

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