bird crane: Inner feelings about wholeness; good luck, the soul. The ability to deal harmoniously with the libido or energy within.

Example: Then I get a bit worried and fear that this may be a swarm of bugs, like locusts, but before that thought goes too far, the flock has come closer and  the birds have changed to beautiful, large white cranes flying in boldly geometric patterns flipping one way then another like a giant card section at a football game. They look like giant pure white orgami sculptures making amazing synchronized patterns upon the backdrop of rich blue sky. It is simply breath taking.

Mechanical crane: You might be undergoing powerful changes, or making major decisions. The crane usually appears in dreams in which past structures are being torn down, or new ones built, so suggests much inner change and movement toward new attitudes or viewpoints.

The other use is ‘craning’ one head or neck to view something, suggesting looking at something not easily seen, or realising something your usual view of life doesn’t include.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is breaking up in my life, what relationship or way of life is changing?

Am I driving the crane – if so what decisions am I making, or actions taking to make changes?

What am I now building/creating in my life and environment?

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