Sexual promiscuity, the egg laid in another nest or woman.

Wanting to, or feeling your partner is, having sex outside your relationship; pregnant with child from another man than ones partner. Cuckoo can also mean crazy – as with the film ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’

A cuckoo clock can suggest slightly irrational thoughts that keep repeating, or thoughts about being unfaithful.

Example: My head is a cuckoo clock with a fabric tube coming out of my chin and hanging down. The cuckoo clock is full of wasps which are buzzing – when I shake my head I can hear them. They fly out the tube in my chin. I am scared of wasps, but cannot run away as they are inside my head. HELP!

A cuckoo is a creature of nature, and it lays its eggs in a nest for other creature to rear. We may say that is unnatural, yet it is a part of natural behaviour. As humans we have all manner of behaviours, and so it is natural for men to lay their eggs in a woman’s womb and then leave her to rear the offspring.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is my dream showing signs of being used by a ‘cuckoo’?

Or is it so do with crazy behaviour – or like the example a fear?

Is there something happening in my dream that is a clue to its meaning?

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