This word is used to indicate both what is present – a current experience – and also a flow or influence.

In both senses it shows something having an impact on you. What the impact is depends on the other dream events and characters. But it suggests the influence of other people and events to push you into certain decisions, directions or feelings. It can also be the inner pressure of your desires, the direction of the your life, or influence of inner tendencies.

The current in some dreams, whether a river, the sea or electrical, also might relate to the flow of life-biological energy moving through you. Air, water and food constantly flow through you, giving rise to the energy you express as movement, feelings, sex, speech, thinking and awareness. Dreams often show this current of energy as interactive, as in the following dream.

Example: I was in a big stream with my two sons, M. and N. It was a fairly strong current and the boys were getting hurt. I told them that whatever you do reacts with the current. It was like karma. Everything done influenced the current, and so one must be very aware of every action, or else it rebounds and causes injury.

The dream shows life energy as capable of being creative or destructive. Expressed as anger, despair, self loathing, it can destroy health of mind and body. Expressed as creativity, love and curiosity it can change your life and the world. It vivifies whatever it flows into, enhancing negative or positive tendencies. See: river; snake.

A current can also indicate the outer flow of circumstances or events as they act upon us and influence or pull us along. The inner pressure of desires, the direction of the inner life, or influence of inner tendencies.

Electrical current: See: electricity.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What influence or effect is the current having – i.e. am I struggling against it; am I going with it; is it influencing someone else – and how does that apply to my life?

Is the current carrying me anywhere and if so where or to what?

Does this current link with my personal energy, and in what way?

Does the current represent influence of others, or events pushing me into certain decisions?

What inner pressure of desires or tendencies does this represent?

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