Cut Cutting

If something is cut it can depict severing connections, separation, to become independent, to cut off sympathy or affections. If an object is cut or torn it points to possible regret at the damage, or maybe desire to damage.

If the cut is on the body it indicates a hurt or sense of injury to whatever the part of the body represents. This may link with a hurtful relationship with someone. Or it can mean being opened up to external influences such as an infection. If you are doing the cutting then it is about desire to injure. It may also represent your sexual desires, that through the pain associated with experiences of being let down, scorned, ill treated, the feelings of love only express as the desire to hurt, to cut, to connect through pain. Can also mean reducing in importance or impact.

Cutting in an organised way, or even when random, can point to change, as when we cut our hair. Also we can cut something to open it or reveal something, to get something, or to get somewhere, as when we cut through red tape, or cut a lemon to get its juice.

A plant cutting that you are going to plant may link with good and growing parts of yourself that you are looking for a life situation to ‘plant’ or experience them in. It may thus depict a search for a caring and ‘fertile’ relationship. See: plants.

Example: My father was THE original authority in my life. I had cut off from him because of the lack of support, and I had done the same with school and other authority situations. The worst bit of all though, was to see that in my desire for my father’s love, I had been seeking older males in a form of latent homosexuality.

A short cut: If it works fine, but a short cut may in the end be a long way.

Cutting through: Cutting through entanglements, through barriers is a sign that you are using strength of purpose to get rid of things such as worries, fears and even neuroses to become whole and healthy.

Cut off from: Shows that you either feel someone has shut down any emotional contact or support, or else you have done it.

Idioms: A cut above; you can’t cut it; cut to the chase; cut through; cut away; cut back; clean cut; cut from the same cloth; cut corners; cut the crap; cut a fine figure; cut a wide swathe; cut and dried; cut him off; cut it fine; cut it out; cut losses; cut his teeth on; cut me some slack; cut to the quick; cut off your nose to spite your face; cut price; cut the mustard; cut down to size; cut to ribbons; cut your own throat; have your work cut out; short cut; cutting edge; low cut.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I been opened up to something, or to see what is going on inside me?

Am I consciously or unconsciously cutting off feelings, connections, or importance regarding a situation in life?

Am I angry about something, or have a desire to cause injury?

What am I trying to open up or get to?

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-ivan 2017-04-03 12:52:56

in my dream i climbed a tree to cut a rope that was holding a raw meat after that i returned to ground and a bear came and i gave that meat to the bear. the bear was friendly towards me and then i tried to help him climbing the tree. what my dream means?

-sara t 2015-11-17 21:23:36

I dream cuttin the hair of my dead son, I was conscious in my dream tha my son is death. Was is the mean of my dream.

    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-18 11:05:21

    Sara – The message I gather from your dream is that you are helping to calm the very active mind of your son after his death. He needs to be calm to adapt to his new life.

    Think of him often with loving and calm thoughts.


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