In dreams they often express man made or shaped. The can be columns that are natural but with man made designs, so are indicating powerful natural forces in you that have been shaped by the quality of your life.

They are sometimes a power source and suggest something you could access.

Example: Now I looked back at the column, and was very surprised to see, on the top strange designs, little fronds of green leaves. It was, I suddenly saw, a huge tree, and the leaves were sprouting at the top. To the right was another such tree, but smaller. The shape of these columns was like massive spacecraft cylinders pointed at the top.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What sort of cyclider are they and what do they suggest?

Are there any feelings in the dream, or suggestions of feelings?

Do they give the impression of being alive or hollow?

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-Peter Hurley 2013-10-14 8:33:53


I thank you for your so helpful insight & information about dreams. I bought your Dream Dictionary back in around 1988 & it has been to the virtual exclusion of others, my constant source & companion. Jung said you don’t need a reference book for dreams & I think he is essentially right but, I have consistently used your book as my first help. However, I really am writing to thank you for posting the story of Moses Carver. Such a wonderful person he was & such an inspiration. Thanks, Peter Hurley (Australia but living at the moment in the Shetland Islands).

    -Tony Crisp 2013-10-18 8:00:31

    Peter – I loved the story of Carver the first time I came across it in a little book called The Man who Talked with Flowers. That was some time in the early 60’s. It is still in print. Writing the dream dictionary arose through my love and exploration of dreams. Hearing about what others discovered about the meaning of their own dreams was a wonderful stimulus to understanding my own.


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