Aggressive urges, hatred, expression of force whether intellectual, moral or physical. Can denote male aggression or penis.

This is the sort of weapon that can be easily hidden and used in treachery or betrayal. It can depict the sort of attack we make on someone through criticism and underhanded remarks or rumours. In ones own hand it might suggest those things but can also depict defences, or being defensive. See: weapons. The following example clearly shows two defensive images – the castle and the dagger.

Example: I dreamed that it was a cold night in a castle and I had a dagger in my hand. Then a pale guy (with blood dripping from his mouth) attacked me and I stabbed him.

Daggers have often been used as an instrument of initiation or of rituals. In a dream where one is killed by a dagger, apart from the meaning suggested above, it can also be about the death of an old self, and the transition to another stage of life, an initiation. See: individuation.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I angry or defensive about?

Am I aiming my anger at someone in particular?

Can I see signs of defensiveness in how I relate to others?

Am I pressurising or threatening others, whether intellectually, morally or physically?

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