You may be feeling you owe something to someone, or to society. We are all, in fact, in debt for our life. Do you have a feeling that you have not given to others what they, in their life, have given to you? Have you promised something that you have not taken care of?

Some dreams show the recognition of your deep links with your culture, and the enormous debt you have to it for language and the formation of your identity. Recognition of your cultural inheritance is the gaining of a new life, and is an access to a wider awareness.

Dreaming of financial debt probably shows you in a state of anxiety or tension that needs to be dealt with. Often if we explore the dream it shows a way out if the difficulty.

Debt also suggests actions in the past, either performed by you or someone else. This means there are things to deal with in the present arising from that past. Strangely dreams sometimes suggest paying off a debt is involved in the difficulties of your life. Living through difficulties is paying off your debt.

Example: ‘I am sitting in a high window box facing outwards, with my son and a friend of his on my left. I feel very scared of falling and asked my son and his friend to climb back into the building. I feel too scared to move until they shift.’ Trevor N.

At the time of the dream, for the first time in his life, Trevor was working as a full time freelance journalist. His wife was out of work and his frequency of sales low enough to cause them to be running out of money. The building behind felt like a place he had worked in on a nine to five basis, so associated it with security. Falling was fear of failure, getting in debt, dropping into the feelings of self doubt and being incapable and feeling inadequate.

It can sometimes express the idea of not living up to the mark; a sin or trespass; not giving to others what they, in their life, have given to you. “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Useful questions:

What influence from the past am I facing at the moment?

Is there something I owe someone or to society, that I need to pay?

What do I feel indebted to or what given that I have not been rewarded for?

Why do I feel in debt?

Who do I feel in debt to?

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