Deep Deeper

Most of the processes of our body and mind take place without our having any awareness of them. Going deep underground or into water usually shows you becoming more aware of what is taking place in these usually unconscious parts of yourself.

It can also mean you are becoming more aware of the past strands of influence from family and culture, out of which your present personality was or is woven.

Another meaning is that it can link with experience of life in the womb.

You can be deeply troubled, experiencing deep peace or relaxation, deep emotions,  deeply in love, or in deep trouble.

Usually we live on the surface of our mind. In sleep we dive down deeper but lose sense of self. If we maintain some awareness in these ‘deeps’ of the mind, it is somewhat like snorkelling in a deep sea. We realise what immense and unbelievable depths lie beneath us. Dreams often portray this as depth – a hole; deep water; a chasm; space.

It can also indicate our non verbal life in the womb, or early childhood, which is remembered as patterns of feeling reaction rather than verbal utterance. In the depths we may find gems, skeletons, archaeological objects, and these relate to the memory of our evolutionary past, family influences we carry within us unknown.

Deep cuts: Suggests a hurt which penetrates us; or emotions which affect us powerfully.

Idioms: In deep water; in the deep end; deeply troubled; deeply hurt.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I experiencing as deep – water , sleep, peace, despair?

How am I dealing with the depth?

Am I anxious about it to is it a revelation?

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