Depends on your relationship with dentists – fear of being hurt. The courage and ability to deal with painful areas of experience. See: Teeth.

Sometimes this indicates father’s distressing sexual attentions – or rape feelings.

It may also suggest need for care of what comes out of our mouth, such as things we say, opinions, criticism – and of course any dental problems that may be indicated.

Dreaming that you need dental treatment might also suggest there is something needing attention in your life or health. A missing tooth links with this as something is missing that you need help fixing or you need to give it attention.

Example: One morning I awoke from an unusual dream which I found difficult to understand. In the dream I was sitting silently in a Quaker meeting. A man entered the room and sat down on my right. Almost immediately he seemed to be moved from within to come over to me: he put his hand just in front of my right ear and said, ‘Did you know you have an ear condition?’ I told him I had not even thought of such a thing, which was true. He then said ‘Well, there is something wrong with your ear. It is caused by two things. Firstly you have an infection arising from a tooth, and you are also eating too much.’ There the dream ended.

I noticed I had a slightly dry throat, but such things usually disappeared working outdoors. But as I worked the dryness spread to my left ear that began to ache slightly in the cold wind. This disappeared and spread to my right ear, which now persistently ached. I naturally began to see the dream in a new light, I couldn’t believe there was anything wrong with my teeth as I had only recently visited the dentist, and he had said that my teeth were okay. However, it was only after many weeks that the earache eventually disappeared. During this time I felt lethargic and bloated after meals, and I experimented with smaller more frequent meals, which left me feeling cleaner and happier inside.

I made an appointment with another dentist who found several cavities needing attention. One in particular just under the right ear, was the source of the problem, and as soon as it was dealt with, the earache disappeared.

For some people the dentist is linked with the experience of anesthetic. So you might have feelings about someone doing things against your will, or even being pushed into strange worlds.

Dentists chair: Depends how you feel about dentists, but suggests stressful feelings or facing something that is difficult.

Example: I had a two hour session in the dentist chair again, today, and my head is not my own…….went shopping afterwards and couldn’t remember my plastic card number…..felt very stupid and wondered if Alzheimer’s was showing it’s ugly head or just that my nerves were shot to bits!  Must say the dentist is very good with me……one day it got too much emotionally for me and I had to tell him I was feeling very vulnerable and could cry at any moment. (I didn’t tell him that at one point I felt very angry and had a big urge to bite his hand and scream for blue murder; but under that was the vulnerablity….he took it all in his stride and now watches for the white knuckles and checks that I’m OK. He said that I hide my vulnerability very well and that he was glad I told him.

Useful questions:

How do I feel about going to the dentist?

Is this about fear of pain?

Should I be taking care of how I express my opinions or emotion?

Do I feel there is something needing attention in my life?

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