This suggests work of some sort. It might also indicate authority or discipline – the discipline of a task or work to be done. A deask can be about a centre of mental activity, of study, concentration, or computing. Maybe you are contemplating something, or creativity in writing something. Are you involved in bringing your accounts up to date? Are you at a desk to figure out problems? Or are you there as an authority or to confront and authority?

A desk is also often a place where you communicate either by telephone, computer or writing. It could be a project you are dealing with, or refer to the sort of ‘office work’ necessary to run your life or home well.

A check-in desk could mean a change you are making or a new opportunity; perhaps a break or time away, even a love affair. Registration desk is slightly different to a check-in desk. It suggests something you are aiming for or hope to be involved in; may be a test to see if you would like the direction.

School desk could have many associations with it – school, teachers, study, feelings of success. See Associations Working With to explore you own associations.

Flight desk can indicate a big change of scene or of life you are considering. Is it for business,work or pleasure?

The following example points out issues of change, work, being judged and also presentation.

Example: I am very busy working at someone else’s desk.  We are in the process of moving our desks to another area.  Once the desks are moved we are interviewed or have to present our desks.  There are two other desks on either side of mine.  The woman who interviews us judges us on how well we’ve personalised or decorated our desks and wants to know what we’ve named them.  I believe there are others with her.  The other two women go first.  When it’s my turn I explain that I haven’t had time to name my desk because I’ve been filling in for someone in addition to doing my own job.  However, I suppose I’ll give it some type of pet name.  The woman can’t hear me very well and misunderstands.  She thinks I’ve named my desk “Pet.”  I explain that what I meant was I would give it the type of name one would give a pet.  The desk arrangement looks like an inverted L with my desk at the point of the angle.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you work at a desk – if so what does it involve?

Have been in front of any type of desk recently?

Do I need to be paying more attention to the mundane tasks of life?

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-Lanisha 2012-04-24 13:08:19

I had a dream that I had a desk and I was trying to place this desk on the corner of a street. As I was placing the desk I tried to place by 3different houses on a corner. Any insight would be helpful.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-25 12:41:48

    Lanisha – A desk usually links with writing, a project you are working on, or communication. The corner suggest meeting new or unexpected people or events, or ‘turning a corner’.

    But obviously it wasn’t satisfying you so you kept moving it. Are you looking for a good place in which to work or do something?


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