Because the unconscious has a powerful faculty for synthesising our experience, it frequently arrives at a sense of what we most wish for, or want to create through our life. Yet we may not have become aware of what has been realised. It may be depicted by a place we are heading toward, or a goal; a destination we do not remember. Also it could be our conscious ambition and desire; our hopes; what we have struggled long for. See: direction.

I never reach my destination –  this shows a level of dissatisfaction with your life. Your ultimate destination in life is to let your potential to flower and spread seeds; if it does not then you need to ask yourself how you are holding yourself back. See Methods of Awakening

Our destination is ultimately death and the afterkife. And so our destination in life, shown by many dreams is to learn the lessons of life so that we might grow. To do this we need to look at our inner life and understand it. See Inner World

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I reached a state of satisfaction with my life – if not honestly ask yourself what needs to be done?

What was the destination in my dream – if it was not clear imagine what it might be? See Secrets of Power Dreaming

Am I seeking destinations that never satisfy?

See Associations Working With – Learning to Allow Yourself – Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

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