The search for clues as to ones own identity and meaning in life. The techniques or skill you use to follow information and clues to discover insight or meaning. Suspicion as to your own actions and motives.

Example: I am a detective following clues regarding some sort of crime. They lead me in a large cellar, and within the cellar I come across the entrances of two tunnels. These are nearly the size of underground train tunnels, and are side by side leading away into pitch blackness. I decide to explore the tunnels and start to walk into one. I was overwhelmed by terror, as if the very darkness of the tunnel was a living force of fear that entered and consumed me. I screamed and screamed, writhing in uncontrollable fit like contractions. Nevertheless a part of me was observing what was happening and was amazed, realising I had found something of great importance. Andrew P.

Because Andrew explored this dream with me, I know the darkness was depicting fear he experienced while a 9 year old in hospital. He was given a rectal anaesthetic because he was about to have a nose operation. He fought and begged for the nurses to stop, but to no avail. This led to a very real feeling that humans were terrifyingly dangerous animals who would not respond even if you were on your knees begging. So trauma was the fear in the darkness.

It can also indicate your curiosity or persistence in trying to understand something or questions you ask about your past, your guilt over your guilt over dream murders, or the truth in what you are meeting.

There is an aspect of ones unconscious that is always following clues as to the origins of the pains and hesitations we feel, and this is often shown as a detective.  “Dreams also pinpointed exactly where I was in my growth process. Sometimes, the dreams would uncover unconscious fears and intuitions. Often, they also held important clues and offered solutions to my problems. It was like doing detective’s work – arduous at times, but rewarding beyond belief.” Quoted from Meeting Shiva by Tiziana Stupia.

Being questioned by a detective is about feelings you might have about guilt, or also a pinpointed search into your self.

Useful questions:

What is the detective investigating and what do I feel and think about that?

Are there issues in my life that I consciously seek to understand?

If no resolution occurs in the dream what happens if I imagine it forward?

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-ivan 2016-11-13 19:00:39

my dream: i was in a pretty building and there was a girl i liked there, i waved at her and then continued walking after some time she came running in my direction because she wanted to touch hair and of course i let her do that, after that i followed her and i saw she was trying to make her home work and i tried to help her. a few moments later her teacher came and asked me to deliver some papers to the director. the director asked the name of the girl and i answered, when i went back i saw a detective walking but i ignored him and went to the bathroom to wash my face and i saw the girl sad looking at me and then she ran i ran after her to try to understand why she was sad and apparently because i helped her the detective told the teacher and that teacher punished her(i dont know how) and she was sad letting it clear it was my fault and i was sad even more that her seeing her like that and angry at the detective, i found him and yelled at him “THERES A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LAW, JUSTICE AND GOOD SENSE(like sometimes even if law says or doing something just to be just with everyone, sometimes you need to see if the action is necessary or not)”. she needed that help and it wasnt a bad thing. i dont know why he reported us. i found her again calmed her and we saw that the detective was about to do something probably to help us but the dream ended. i woke up super sad almost crying and wanting to know what was all that.

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