At times a dream about this could be a sign of a digestive problem. Also it could indicate you have a lot of difficult emotions that are pouring out of you.

The body might be clogged with toxins and this is, in a dream, a way of discharging them. Toxins might arise in the body through poor food, or through an allergy to something like wheat. So these dreams might be suggesting the physical need to have a healthy bowel. See: kasatkin.

Example: I say, “Not feeling good, huh?” I feel a bit guilty for not having gone to help her. Then she looks distraught and I see she’s having diarrhea. I say, “Oh, it looks like you’ve got the stomach flu. Go on into the bathroom. It’s all right.” She has left little piles of shit like chili con carne on the floor.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In my dream did I have diarreah or simpy dreamt about it?

Was there any information about how it came about?

What was my feelings about it?

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