Dig Digging Excavation

Digging usually depicts delving into hidden or buried areas of ourselves. We may uncover feelings from our childhood – creative realisations – features of the unconscious – even dead bodies or ancient creatures. If it is dead bodies, these need to be understood, as they are parts of your life that were buried under forgetfulness. As one dreamer said, “I was digging and found some potatoes, but they were too hot to handle.” In that case what was being uncovered was difficult to face. See: Delve

Any dead bodies we uncover depicts a whole set of personality traits or attitudes, very often potentials, that have been denied life or expression. For some reason we have not allowed them expression. A person hurt in love might kill out any feelings towards the opposite sex. This ‘dead’ part of them can be shown as a body. For more information see dead body

Example: I was in a land something like America. People were digging an area with care, like archaeologists. They were uncovering body after body, one under the other. All the people had been murdered, and I was implicated. I watched, amazed at the amount of bodies – bones really. I felt no guilt, just amazement.

We can also dig as with our garden, to clean out weeds and to replan or plant. But it also if it is a garden being dug or new land, it usually indicates your work on yourelf, the work to help your growth as a person and not a body. Sometimes the change is one of achieving new realisations. There appears to be a drive from the unconscious to gather and integrate experience to thereby expand the sense of self. A means of renovating our attitudes, personality structure or habits.

We can be digging for a new building, so here digging represents effort to change your life or circumstances. This suggest that you are or are thinking of creating something new, a new idea or project. Our imagination and mind are constantly building things which show in our dreams as images. Our ideas and beliefs are the main builders in our dreams, and it is a world we then live in. We build an inner world that few people realise they have. See Inner World

If it is a well you are digging, then you are searching purposefully for the source of life, or for something you have a thirst for. Also access to ones deepest resources of life – therefore personal spiritual wisdom or information from the unconscious; the source of ones ‘well-being’.

If you are digging up treasure or ancient things, this is an uncovering of your past, or your ancestral past. This can sometimes relate to the incredible age of your mind. There is in each of us an intuition or sense that shows us or reveals to us if we care to be aware, that our mind is not simply new with our birth. Its contents, through language, inherited customs, and genetic material, are incredibly old. Exploring such dreams of antiquity can often bring to awareness this ancient heritage. See ancestors.

If you area digging your own grave, then it is an obviously statement about the life you are leading. This might be a warning that your habits or thoughts are a source of negative energy that can cause illness.

Example: ‘I entered a neglected garden adjoining a house I had formerly lived in. I was astonished that I had never noticed this garden before. I took a spade and hoe and began to vigorously work in order to put things right, digging like a navy. But wherever I put my spade I turned up live shells and hand grenades – highly explosive and very dangerous. I was terrified I would be blown to pieces and hurried away.’ From Organism of The Mind, G. R. Heyer, Kegan Paul, 1933.

The dreamer was a man in his forties who had taken up meditation on the suggestion of a friend. It shows him discovering and uncovering a part of himself he had not known before. In doing so he meets explosive emotions and conflicts he is not used to dealing with. See: garden; fork.

Idioms: dig a little deeper; dig deep; dig in; dig in their heels; dig it up; dig me; dig it; dig your own grave; dig yourself in; digs

Useful Questions and Hints:

Why is the digging being undertaken and how does that relate to me?

Is anything uncovered and what does it suggest?

Is this cultivating the land, and if so what results are shown?

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-Chris Sweeney 2014-07-13 2:12:46

I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not but Somthing just tried to get me in my dream, it was so real. It was cunning and smart and played on the fact that I was asleep and in this dream state! It was tricking me in my dream to get ahold of me, I can’t explain it but it nearly got me moments before I woke up and I screamed! I’ve never experienced anything like this! It was real!
If you could please tell me what it was or if you’ve heard of it happening before and you can understand it?
Hope your well
Chris Sweeney, 30, England

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