Taking in life; absorbing something of life and the world and being enriched. If you are with others, then it might reflect something about the way you relate socially to others. It could also be a sharing of life and experience with others.

Sharing a meal: Sharing sustenance with others. In the ritual of the mass, it shows the recognition of sharing life with all others – being sustained by the flow of life as substance and energy. See: meals under food.

Example: I’m cooking hamburgers at my mother’s house. I come in with 4 little ones. She sneers and says that there should be more. I feel hurt and angry and then I go out. I look and there are lots more but they’ve fallen on the floor, the messy greasy floor. I’m crying as I pick them up because I know if she sees, I’m in trouble. I have a hard time picking them up. Finally I get them into the house, and she comes up to me and growls, “Hurry up. They’re in there, hungry, tired and fighting,” (My father and the rest of the family). I say, “I have to cook the potatoes first,” and she says, “No! Do something about the hamburgers first. Feed them the hamburgers and then come cook the potatoes.” She walks out. I’m crying and angry and I get stubborn. I look for the potato peeler in the sink of dirty dish water. All I keep coming up with are sharp knives. I’m careful with them. I peel the potatoes and get them into a pan and take them to the stove, move another pot off the burner to make room for the potatoes and see that a cooked steak is there. There are lots of them, 3. She comes back in. I say, “Look! You had a good dinner already cooked and you had me out there working and crying and you weren’t even going to let me have a good dinner.” She yells at me about finding some other place to live. I say, “Yes, sure, I’ll get out.” She storms out. My father says to me (he’s standing behind me), “7-6-5-4 yeah, you could be packed and out by 5.” I know he means a.m. and I don’t get up early, and I get furious at him and I turn and yell, “You little short runt!” D. is standing nearby. My father is about 4 feet tall. I yell, “You always take her side!” I am angry and hurt.

Example: We are sitting at TABLE. Table is very important you understand – for a family that is. Table has all the right knives and forks. It has all the correct glasses. Table has manners. Into this ‘table’ comes a little kid. He is about three. Mother is on the left. Next to her is her eldest son. He is a shattered person. Daughter is successful. She is like Mum – Who is ’successful’. The daughter is an attractive girl. Mum has ‘made it’ – So everything Mum says goes.

Husband, across the way, Is shut out. HE is not even at the table. But is standing by the outside door, not allowed at table, And barely existing. His task was to fuck her
for her to have a baby. This is the woman.

As can be seen from the two examples dinner and the family gathering it sometimes is can be far from harmonious. Bit what follows is a ver different scene involving dinner.

Example: I dreamt that my mom cut her left hand off and cooked it as dinner for us because she doesn’t want us to starve and there was nothing else to eat. I didn’t see my mom cuting her hand off but just her hand in a dinner dish on the dinner table right next to a whole steamed corn. I asked my mom why would she do that and she said because she doesn’t want us to starved.

If alone, it suggests independence; loss of family ties; lack of social relationships or outside stimulus.

If you are with others, then it might reflect something about the way you relate socially to others. It could also be a sharing of life and experience with others. Sharing a meal shows you sharing sustenance, what you have, with others; or taking in what others offer you.  See: Food; Meal.

Sharing a meal can also be about making a link with someone in a romantic or business way – or about trying to find out more about them. Many women dream of a romantic meal with aloving and caring partner.

Preparing a meal expresses the care or otherwise with which you ‘feed’ your needs, physical, emotional and spiritual. But it might also show how you relate to supporting other people, such as your family.

Useful questions and Hints::

What situation is shown in this dream in regard to being alone or with others, and the quality of the meal?

What difficulties if any are shown and what can I gather from that?

Am I relating easily or uneasily to the meal and the people?

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in my dream i took out forks out of my belly? blood and all then i tasted the metal? i never had a scary dream like that what does it mean?

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