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As can be seen from the examples we can dispose of things that are dead in our life and of things I body needs to clear out. But we can also dispose or try to get rid of past things we collected but do not find them useful any more. The first example shows this well. But we can also try to get rid of memories about a past relationship that didn’t work and we keep dreaming about it. It is not good to try to get rid of such things because it would be like denying a big part of you. See Dealing With an Ex

People often try to get rid of or deny any connection with bodies that have been murdered. These are parts of you that you have killed out by killing love, or through denying an important drive or emotion.

Example: I recently dreamt of finding dead body in my back garden. It had been dead for a very long time. When I explored my dream I traced the body back to a time when I had killed out my growing manhood because of events in my early life. I felt guilty, but by offering the dead person love it all resolved, because I understood exactly how it had happened. So I suggest giving those dead bodies love, and meeting any emotions that emerge. Love is a wonderful force that can transform the past.

So you can transform the dead and give them life again. Use Secrets of Power Dreaming to do this. Also there is the possibility of resurrection.

Example: I had just experienced a very vivid memory of mylife as a woman, a woman who had died in great emotional pain because all her family had been killed.

I stood and started pacing up and down the room. I still felt, as the woman, trapped and unable to find any resolution. But a resolution did gradually arise. It arose because I, realised that I must simply remain open and allow the process to continue emerging. And as it did there came again that wonderful feeling of resurrection. The woman and I gradually merged and she knew herself in my life. In doing so she woke up in a new world, in a different world. She realised that she was out of that trap, of that mental and emotional state in which she had existed. She/I wept loudly with the relief of feeling released from such a condition. Still sobbing she rejoiced in what women had achieved in the present time, where they could choose to work, where they could choose to stay in the or leave a relationship without the chains that had kept them bound in the past.

Example: Dr. K calls. “Her husband is curious as to whether you are going to teach or not.” “I am curious too,” I say. I don’t know. I am trying to make up my mind whether I will go back to teaching or not. I have all my books or many of them in a big plastic garbage bag ready to dispose of. This is after I took a course with a woman who really taught me how to teach. I now know how to teach for the first time really well.

Example: My fiancé and I were trying to ‘dispose’ of five infant bodies. We hid them amongst tree and lawn clippings which were piled up on a car trailer. We were trying to hide them and were ensuring no one could see the bodies.

I was thinking about disposing of them at the rubbish tip but was concerned that someone might actually see them as we removed them from the trailer, or that the police might pull us over on the way to the rubbish tip.

I don’t know why I felt we had to cover up the deaths, I don’t think we actually killed them. I don’t know why we thought it was our responsibility to secretly dispose of the bodies. The actual death of the infants is a mystery. I recall seeing each dead baby fleetingly and saw their bodies smeared with blood. It was a sad heavy feeling and I felt as though the deaths were out of my hands, as though there was nothing I could have done about it. I kept saying, ‘my god, five infant babies dead’.

I think before you can understand your dream you have to realise that as a modern person you live a life of several levels. Your body is millions of years old and is that of a mammal. Your brain is segmented into several levels, and it carries the basic spinal, the lizard brain, the mammalian brain, and then sitting on top of that is the human brain dealing with speech, thinking, etc. So you are a complex being. But mostly you know yourself as ‘Candy’ – a person relating to the social and physical world around you. This part of you – what you call ‘me’ – relates to the world quite differently to the other levels of yourself.

If ‘Candy’ didn’t exist you would still be a mammalian animal moved by all the urges common to mammals. That means you would probably have reproduced by now. The urge to reproduce is still there underneath all your social programming and consciously developed likes and dislikes, with the social needs and decisions you make. See Woman’s Creative Power

So, if we look at your dream, we see the opening scene is one of trimming back on natural growth, the unconscious emergence of life in you. In fact you are, in your relationship, cleaning up stuff related to your growth or development. You are at an age where as a woman you near a great change. Your ability to conceive and bear a child will go, along with the identity you developed out of being a sexually attractive and nubile female. This, I think, is why the clear up is going on. What you cut back on though are not dead things. You have cut back living growth, and as the images suggest, this means the possibility of children.

Even though you do not want children consciously – and that is fine – the mammal and fundamental life processes in you have constantly been trying to reproduce – thus the dead children. You didn’t actively kill them, but your direction in life meant you did not allow them to live.

Example: I was trying to dispose down the toilet a huge bundle of faeces mixed up with toilet paper. It was about the size of a large beach ball and when I put it in the toilet and tried to flush it away it bounced right back again. I think I tried several times before realizing that I would have to break it up into very small pieces and flush them away a few at a time. I saw that I was doing this with my bare hands and that they were getting covered with the mess, but I knew I had to carry on, it was the only way.

While I was doing this there was a knock on the bathroom door, I shouted that I wouldn’t be long but it was my youngest son and he had a key so he let himself in. He wanted a bath and I continued to dispose of my faeces while he was in the bath. Then I saw that he too had a very large bundle of faeces and toilet paper of his own and was trying to dispose of it in the other toilet that was in the room and, as with myself, each time he tried to dispose of it in one go it bounced back again. I then showed him that the only way to dispose of it was to break it up into small manageable pieces and dispose of them a few at a time.

The message of the above dream is – do not tackle a big problem all in one go. You’re your time and break it down into manageable amounts.

Useful questions and hints:

What is it that is being disposed of – and what connections or understanding have you gained?

Is what you are trying to dispose of memories – memories are part of you and you may end with a dead body in your dreams.

Was it a good feeling to dispose of it?

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