Dive Diving

If you are not showing off or challenging yourself in your dream, then it is probably indicating that you are taking a chance, or entering something new and unknown, perhaps facing fears in doing so. Or trying to get away from something. The second example shows how we can learn confidence when learning to take chances.

Diving underwater: Delving into one’s mind or unconscious. Exploring the meaning of a dream, or an eventful meditation, might be depicted as swimming underwater in dreams. See: Swimming.

We can fly and dive in dreams, and this too is a way of developing confidence – mental and emotional confidence. If we do not have that confidence then we will feel fear or wake up. But you cannot be hurt or die in dreams. See Nothing Can Hurt You in Your Dreams

Diving from a great height suggests a sudden descent, which you may not have much control over, but it is a chance to learn to fly or to control your descent. See Secrets of Power Dreaming

Example: Last week I dreamt a teenage (or early 20s) boy rushed down to a riverbank where he had discovered the skeletal remains of a young child.  The clothes were still there.  He wanted to solve the mystery of what happened to this child.  He ushered an authoritative figure down there and told him of his plans to investigate.  The key aspect of this investigation involved him diving into the river to get to the bottom of things.  I watched as he relayed his plans.  I had no idea how deep the river was.  No idea where the bottom was.

Example: I was looking around the school, and came to a very large gymnasium. Near the end I stood was a diving board, about 20 feet off the ground. Girls were learning to dive off the board and land flat on their back on the floor. If they landed flat they didn’t hurt themselves – like falling while standing up.

Example:  Tonight I dreamt I was on the hill behind my old “home” in Amersham. A strong wind was blowing, but it was warm, sunny, and peaceful. Spreading my arms I caught the wind in my short coat and rose up like a kite. Higher and higher I went, and I experimented with diving and gliding. Sometimes I lost the airlift and tumbled over and over, but at no point did I feel fear. I twisted and found the lift again. At one point I rose to an enormous height and saw the earth distant below me.

Useful questions and hints:

Was I watching or was I involved in the dive?

What emotions did I feel in the dream?

Did I lose control or did I gain it?

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