Usually an important idea, or important information about yourself.

It can also a symbol of your right to continue or to enter into a new phase of your life – such a passport or ticket is. Or it can be a proof or sign of your identity such a birth certificate.

Documents can be evidence in a claim or in a trial of your worthiness, or even to give power – as in power of attorney. Also a chance of inheritance.

Example: At one point I confronted a tree stump which spoke. It had a large lower lip of bark which could protrude. I gave it something to eat which it spat out. It said it wanted something ‘connective’ I believe. I dropped some knitting wool in its mouth. This satisfied it. It had a huge amount of wool in its mouth, and I was concerned whether it could chew the stuff. Then the tree wrote out my report.  The document was very grand and it was written out with an air of great solemnity and legality. I had passed the test, but not with very high marks – maybe because I put the wrong stuff in its mouth first.

Whether written by yourself or someone else, this is usually about an important idea, or important information regarding you or what you are doing. While asleep we have access to a much greater range of memories and connective links with information than while awake, and so can be more creative in what we realise or what we call out of our inner world.

If the document is old it is probably expressing intuitions you have about what you have inherited from the past.

Useful questions and hints:

What impression do I have of what the document was about or what it contained?

Was this my document or did it connect with someone else – if so who?

Does this contain information about the past, about family or inheritance, and can I define what?

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-Alisa 2016-12-31 5:28:46

I’ve just woken from a disturbing dream. I usually interpret them well but this one has me confused. Dreamed I was cooking with a friend and some family. A chicken schnitzel I make often. Someone put two dogs in the oven. I allowed it in my dream even though it felt very wrong. I opened the oven after some time and realised one was very much alive. I took it out and was trying to help it. It seemed to recover and then was wearing a leotard. My mom was a dance teacher and very much a dog lover. She passed away 7 years ago. Any ideas?

-Alma 2013-10-27 7:19:50

I dreamed it was raining dead dogs. I couldn’t drive anymore and I had to stop

    -Tony Crisp 2013-10-27 15:24:27

    Alma – There is not much description to give me many clues. But dead dogs suggest that your helpful instincts have been denied and so you do not have the same drive to go on or even get on.


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