Dolphin Porpoise

Because dolphins are wild creatures of the sea that actively develop a relationship with humans, they are often taken to represent the contact and relationship we have with the deeply unconscious natural forces within. Such dreams suggest life is not simply operating blindly, but reaches out to us if we reach out to it; powerful unconscious energies in us; conscious awareness of one’s link with all life; contact with the one life within all things. See: Fish.

The dolphin can also indicate powerful inner energies, or conscious awareness of your link with all life and contact with the one life within all things. In some dreams a dolphin can be alink for you with your core self, your spirit, and so it may communicate or teach you.

Example: About a month ago I decided to terminate a relationship which had lasted more than twenty years. Two nights after making this decision my body took over at night and started rocking, banging, pushing, the back arching. These alternated with rest and floods of soothing energy pulsating through my whole system. In the morning my back felt totally open and vulnerable. Soon after this event I had this dream – I was swimming in a broad river of clear, warm water full of life energy. It was deep and the river had rock cliffs rising either side of it, 40 meters high. Above that I could see the green of some trees in the sunlight. Further up stream the walls of rock joined and formed a tunnel.

I was swimming on my back when suddenly I saw a huge fish. It was about 4 meters long, coming out of a cave towards me. I panicked. Then I thought it might be harmless and went on swimming quietly. It was a dolphin, and very gently it swam behind my back and covered it, hugging me from behind. I lay absolutely quiet embraced by the powerful and gentle energy of this being. Energy was pouring into my back. Finally I reached round and touched the fin of the dolphin. It was like thick velvet. Rhea.

Useful questions and hints:

What do I feel in connection with the dolphin?

What is emerging from with and influencing me?

Am I aware of knowing my connection with the one life?

Does the dolphin communicate anything to me?

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-Tracy Ann 2017-08-27 18:30:14

Hi Tony, i”ve been researching your site for some time now. this dream involves an Orca, or Killer whale. Common to Puget Sound where I lived. the Orca is closely related to dolphin more than whale so I posted here.
Dream: I am riding on a golden “orca ship” in the sky. A gold halo surrounds me and the animal. I feel a deep kinship with the orca. it is talking or singing in the way of it’s species, deep and resonant. I can feel the vibrations through my whole body. What a remarkable and unforgettable dream! Such peace and conection.

-Serena 2013-01-09 19:39:44

I have been a little frustrated and longing for partnership and family. I have been a single mom now for a few years. I recently had a dream about a seal. I gave the seal that was in a man made pool, a little red cup of what appeared to be fruit juice or pop. I was told not to give it to it ,but it grabbed my cup and began to drink, it then went under water and the drink turned into a rainbow blurb… shortly after I had a short dream of three men attempting to rape me, I lost my voice and could not scream. I some how got away and became really aggressive butcher knifes appeared, then I was prepared to protect myself…

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