An end or a beginning. A point or centre of consciousness. As a collection of activities may centre around one desire, or thought, one aim. Also, the central core of yourself.

Example: I am eighteen, and ever since I was eight I have had the same dream. A small black dot which rotates in a spiral. As it goes around it gets bigger and faster until in the end it laughs or glares at me and then it blows up. I used to have this dream about twice a week. I don’t know why it keeps coming back.

If you look at the imagery of this dream it seems to be saying you are at times a worrier. A small issue, remark or thought – the dot – goes around and around in your mind and feelings until it becomes a major anxiety. A lot of our personality is built on habits. Even negative ones replay over and over each time we face a similar situation – unless we change them.

Example: I looked on my thighs and saw there were several red tattoos on them.  This was her mark, an unconnected circle with a dot at one end. It made me feel it depicted a sperm. This meant I was her male. The women in the ruling class could claim a male from the lower class in this way.

Idioms: on the dot.

Useful questions and hints:

Does the situation of the dot and the feelings surrounding it suggest its meaning?

In what way is the dot being used?

Is this there and end or beginning of something in my life?

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-Diane 2017-06-28 12:52:48

What does it mean that someone holds you down and tattoos dots on your wrist

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