This is an expression of daily routine that often seems like ordinary existence, and yet like everything else we do it is an expression of an immense past. It is largely a wave that carries us along, and we add our own colour to it.

Dressing is usually about assuming a particular role, or changing your role. This is very obvious when a woman or man finishes her/his daily tasks and goes out to a ‘do’ or for pleasure. They often transform themselves and even look different. So ask yourself what you are dressing to do or gain – what are you aiming for? Is it sexual attraction, business opportunity, relaxation, could care less attitude, or even going to church?

The examples show some of the different motivations we might express.

Example: I am in a room, dressing. Ernie comes to the door and I am only in a long sweat shirt, no undies or pants. I feel self-conscious. At least the shirt is long enough to cover my private parts.

Example: I am carefully gathering up information about the man who loves me. I begin to understand him and appreciate him. Now I am attracted to him. He invites me to dine with him. I take great care in dressing up as beautifully as I can. He is filled with desire and longing for me. I feel the strength of his feelings. I tell him he must let me go. He can’t bear to do that. I know he must do that so that I can come to him of my own free will. It is a powerful emotional struggle for him.

Example: My gendermap is female but my anatomy is male. Engagements were cancelled. Wills were revoked. Overdoses were taken. It’s astonishing how fast years can pass whilst in this state. Dressing as a woman helped. In private of course, (because I looked so bloody ridiculous). Dressing was my panacea. I would tell a lie if I said it was never sexual. (How could it not be?) But that aspect passed away very early on. Dressing was about tranquillity. When fully dressed, I could relax and set my mind free. I could function.

Example: After dressing like a policeman with a great set of police gear I am captured by a policeman and put in jail. He’s a young, black policeman and I give him all my great police gear. The only thing I am gonna have now is a lot of time to read. He caught me hiding behind a very high way as a narrow place. I had the drop on him. I could have taken him, hurt him with my gun, etc., but I was tired of running from him.

Idioms: Dressed to kill; dress up; dressed to the nines; overdressed; dressing down; dress rehearsal; a stitch of clothes; dress clothes; Sunday best clothes; a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Useful questions:

What type of dress is it and what role or situation does it suggest?

What do you feel about the dress, and why are you meeting those feelings at the moment in your life?

Does this express how you are feeling or how you want to feel or appear?

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