Ear Rings Earrings

They can often refer to the quality or otherwise of your hearing/intuition. Maybe you need to pay heed to a rumour you have heard or to subtle realisations – intuition.

Example: In my dream I found a pair of earrings on the floor, found one first and then spotted the other.  I picked them up and had a good look at them.. they were shaped like strawberries and sparkled.. as if made of some kind of jewel.  I popped them into a box labelled “lost & found” up on a shelf knowing they would be claimed.

The dreamer gave an interpretation – My own thoughts on this is something I had lost, connected to my own inner hearing, that which enabled me to listen to my own intuition/Spirit. Berries being that they nourish ourselves from within so I have once again found something that will nourish my being on a deep level. DD See ear

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