Inner response from outer action. This might suggest the effect of things you do in life, like reaping what you sow. It can also be a representation of things glimpsed in everyday life, the importance of which were missed, or impact overlooked.

It might in some dreams indicate a copy of something or that you are currently in a rut and could do with a change of routine or environment – like stuck record.

Example: There are so many reasons with which we explain how and why the beginning, but the underlying one is usually that unconsciously the realise whole areas of our being I had been brought to a condition of deadness or pain.  Life in us through whatever means, ideas, feelings, longings, it can express, leads us to seek a aware of healing this deadness and agony can lead into.  Life in us lies wounded, pleading, dead but alive.  It’s cries echo up into consciousness and filter through the mass of ideas, or justifications, and hopes we have been buried alive under.  Perhaps only slowly we begin to listen to the voice that calls for help.  If we do, then a particular day stands out as the one on which we rolled away the stone which blocked the tomb we had buried our life in.  That day, and experience on it will be different for each of us.

Example: Now memories swirl before the person like the sere leaves of autumn. The times of empty houses come back, the sound of slamming doors echoes down the halls of the mind, and a cold wind frets curtains of memory. He remembers the time he was lost in a railroad station, the nightmares of being sent to an orphanage, the nights he awoke screaming in strange darkened rooms and cried for a mother no longer there.

Example: “Never! Never! Never!” Shouted the woman who had sprned God’s love.

“Ever! Ever! Ever!” echoed God.

Useful questions and hints:

Am I echoing somebody else’s behaviour?

What is it I hear and can I understand it?

What is this an echo of?

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