Ejaculation and Emission

The example under black person shows how our sexual needs attempt to satisfy themselves even though we may make a conscious attempt to deny them. The ejaculation, male or female, shows the sexual nature of one’s dream, even if the symbols seem to have no obvious connection. The attitudes in one’s dream also show something of our relationship to sex. This may be mechanical, fearful, loving, guilty, etc. Alfred, in the example mentioned, sees sex as a problem to be solved, and has difficulties around commitment.

If you consciously try to avoid sex, then it may emerge in yours dreams as a way of releasing inner tension. Your ego is only a veneer on the surface of a huge depth of biological life processes and instincts developed over millions of years. What you decide to do consciously relates either well or badly with this deep self. Your personality is like a rider on a very ancient beast, and so is shown in some dreams either riding a horse or other animal, or struggling with a beast of some sort.

The philosopher Baruch Spinoza in his Tractatus de Intellectus Emendatione when he said “For as far as sensual pleasure is concerned, the mind is so caught up in it, as if at peace in a [true] good, that it is quite prevented from thinking of anything else. But after the enjoyment of sensual pleasure is past, the greatest sadness follows. If this does not completely engross, still it thoroughly confuses and dulls the mind.”

Example: I was with a woman. I don’t know who it was, but I had sex with her. I remember her vagina was very open and ‘fruity’. There was a lot of tactile physical sensation between my penis and her inner vagina. It was easy and pleasurable. When I had ejaculated it felt good and easy. I was surprised at how it left me feeling perfectly energised and healthy, not at all draining or tiring. So I had another go with the woman. It was so good and easy. Again I felt completely at ease, no anxiety, no tiredness. So for the third time I held the woman and made love. The woman’s vagina was like a flower; I don’t mean to look at, but in physical sensation. My penis felt like it was penetrating petals of flesh and touching with great pleasure a central receptive area. It was relaxed, easy and satisfying like the first two times. I was left with the feeling of being able to make love again and again without any negative effects. It was a very positive and healthy feeling.

Useful questions and hints:

Is the ejaculation openly sexual – if not out of what feelings am I trying to repress this side of me?

In what way am I relating to anyone else in the dream?

Is there any love in this or is it simply a physical sensation?

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