Lack of something or a receptive condition.   Lack of  pleasure, enthusiasm, good feelings or it can fear of loneliness or lack of relationship. Sometimes it indicate a sense of isolation. Or it can be  one’s potential; opportunity; space to be oneself. Depends on feeling quality in the dream.

Empty can refer to so many things such as empty or boastful talk, and empty house, empty of any feelings, life will appear empty and meaningless, empty room, empty periods, empty chair, empty fuel tank, empty plate, empty trivialities, in the end all is void and empty – and so on.

Emptiness can sometimes show how you limit yourself in your thinking or feeling. Feeling destitute and empty with no visible means of support or help can be changed into a place of rare beauty, depending on your associations. See Secrets of Power Dreaming

There is an inner emptiness that is often thought of as nothingness. But that nothing is everything; if it were something it would be some-thing and therefore could not be everything. As such it is your core self.

When people think of emptiness they usually see it as a destruction of everything – a death of self. But the nothingness of the void is part of the paradox of existence – for the nothingness is at the same time everything. But everything is all inclusive. As such it cannot have any defined characteristics or shape, otherwise it wouldn’t be everything. This is because if you were to say what a beach is, you could not say the sea was the beach, or the sky, or the land. None of them separately is the beach. The beach is the indefinable amalgam of them all. In just that way the Nothing is the indefinable everything that underlies the particulars of your life.  The Next Step.

Empty bottle: Resources you have used up, or that you are feeling empty or have nothing to offer others.

Empty house, buildings, shell: Outgrown habits or ways of life; old attitudes; death; depression or/and potential. See house.

Example: I was down in a low bit of a village, trying to get to a road high up on a hill where the sun was shining and was walking through dark, empty houses. Heather.

The use of empty in this dream can be understood by the comparisons existing between the ‘down low, empty houses’ feeling, and the ‘high up sunny hill’ feeling.

Emptying bag: Getting rid of attitudes or feelings one has been carrying about; unloading or looking at the thoughts and memories one has been ‘carrying’; leaving or dumping a lover.

Useful questions and hints:

What is it that is empty, and what loss, absence or potential does this suggest?

What do I feel about the emptiness?

How am I responding to the situation?

See Avoid Being VictimsEmotions and Mood in DreamsTechniques for Exploring your Dreams



-Jenny Murdock 2017-06-06 8:37:28

I had a dream that I was up in our attic, but it was empty up there. My husband was with me also, and the top of the attic sprung a leak. I went and got a bowl to put under it, and then another leak started.

-Julie Schaeffer 2012-07-21 10:40:34

I have dreams of empty and haunted houses. There are ghosts in these houses and only I knowrthat they’re there. My family is there but, they.re safe. Sometimes I’m @ my childhood home but I’m always in the front yard, watching tornados coming acroos the fields towards it What does this mean? Thanks for your help, Juile S.

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