One’s motivating drive or energy; the body’s energy and mechanical or automatic functioning; the sexual or natural urges; sometimes the heart.

For instance a strong anxiety can be a power, an engine, which motivates us to do or avoid certain things, such as taking risks, entering a relationship. So too can love, dependence, desire for wealth, loneliness, and the struggle to survive.

There is far more that goes on in the hidden places of our being than ever goes on in an engine. But dreams perform the same function as the gauges on the dashboard. They illustrate processes that are going on in the depths of our body and mind — and in fact often in the very deepest places of the unconscious. As with the gauges, we are not directly experiencing the processes displayed in images and drama. What we are witnessing is a process that puts into imagery, into emotions and drama, things that in themselves may be quite formless, that may never previously have come near to verbal definition or conscious conceptualisation. The word imagine has its root in the word image. We literally put into images those things that lie beyond our usual senses in the formless and timeless regions of our being.

If the car engine will not work, or is damaged, it doesn’t mean the driver does not exist, or that he or she does not know perfectly well where they want to go or what they want to do.

Car engine: This often represents your heart or your ability to motivate yourself. It therefore links with your personal energy or drive.

Because ones energy, courage and drive are so linked with how confident and expressive we feel, the engine, its size and performance are often indications of this. See: machine.

Train engine: The energy that takes us through life and carries us with other people, but usually to set destinations – unless the rails are missing. Also libido.

Example: I dreamt a dream that was a surprise. I was standing and viewing a massive railway area. I front of me were many tracks going across my view. Then suddenly there was an almighty great train coming toward me, cutting through and destroying all the tracks going crossways. It wasn’t running on any tracks. I wasn’t sure if it would explode and kill me, although I didn’t feel scared, in fact I stood wondering what it was all about.

This shows that the dreamer has broken free of the restrictions – the rails – and with tremendous force can direct his energy where he wants.

Example: In England, it was discovered that a couple of bolts in the engine were loose. An engineer came and tightened them, then discovered that the engine was “red hot” with radiation. This meant Graham and I were also a danger to others. Graham pushed the idea aside, choosing to ignore it, but I did not wish to endanger others

In this dream the man realises that he is giving of harmful emotions and must distance himself.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream saying about my ability to motivate myself and get to where I want to go?

Do I feel adequate as a person, sexually or as a man/woman?

Does the dream suggest anything needs to be done to the engine – if so what is that pointing to?

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