Relaxation; quiet peace; time for oneself; nearness to the ‘shadows’ of the unconscious, the parts of self we do not usually have awreness of. Sometimes: The last years of life; old age.

It can also link with feelings of the need of a days work ending and time for pleasure.

The theme of ascent is an important part of many ancient religious rituals and beliefs. In most cases the ascent is, like the rising sun during the day or the summer, linked completely with the descent in the evening, night, or winter. Ascent is therefore part of a spiral which also descends, the cycle of birth, death, rebirth. Christianity tends to speak of a one time resurrection however, whereas the ancient belies saw it as a continuing cycle. So the evening can indicate the sinking life force leading to death and new life.

Many dreams show this as depicting relaxation, of quiet peacefulness. It may also suggest your choices made when you give yourself personal space for self chosen events.

In the evening we get near to the time of shadows, the parts of your nature and exterior life that are less noticed or lived. Dreams show this as an indication of ageing, the evening of ones life. See: Autumn.

Example: Dreamt I was a monk or clergy with a small group of other monks. We lived in a large church or cathedral. Each evening there was a ritual we had to do which consisted of ‘blessing the doors’. This meant that we all went to each external door and blessed it. I was a little sceptical of this procedure, feeling that it was purely ritual, but another monk assured me it was necessary. In fact as we went around the doors I witnessed invisible forces or spirits closing the doors after we blessed the door. At one door there was a negative or ‘contrary’ force or spirit. I felt at this point that my blessing was a real force which had power. I went to the door and blessed it and this counteracted the powerful counter force.

The feelings displayed in this dream are about making our ‘house’ secure, indicating our self. It is a way of guarding against negative influences and keeping them out. See

Useful questions and hints:

What am I doing in the dream, and does it suggest a winding down or a personal time of leisure?

If I am middle aged, does the dream suggest this is about this period of my life?

What feelings does the dream deal with?

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