A way out of a situation; a way to escape or moving toward death. See: door.

An exit such as on a freeway/motorway suggests either branching off from a main flow in the direction you were taking in life, or perhaps a nearness to a goal you have been ‘driving’ toward.

An exit from a subway/underground is an emergence from being involved in unconscious habits and directions toward more awareness of what you are doing and where you are going. Above ground you can look around and choose direction – below ground you going to wherever the train is headed.

An exit can also be an entrance as in the example, or an exit from one situation into another

Example: I have come across a cave dug into a rocky cliff.  A track sloped down from a hill or a mountain past the tunnel entrance, which was on my left.  I saw a few men emerging from the tunnel.  Small broken rock covered the exit to the cave forming a level surface to walk on.  I knew the men had found treasure in the cave.  I saw bits of gold, like chunks of rock, on the ground near the exit. I knew also that there was still a great treasure in the tunnel.

Example: Whilst walking home with a boy we reached the end of the path. However there was an exit leading to an empty dark fairground. My friend ran off, leaving me frightened. I ran away and found a church. Inside a service was underway and I sat down. I realised though that everyone around me were zombies. A man pointed a gun at me and I somehow escaped.

It seems the dreamer may have had a difficulty with a boyfriend leaving her, or the fear of it. This has made her doubt the ready made images about love and marriage. The dark fairground has in it the sense of looking behind the bright lights to see the reality back of the glamour of things. I don’t know what age she is, but she is wondering what life has to offer you without a male. Because of those feelings she wonders if there is comfort in traditional religion. But the people she sees using this approach are, in her mind, doing things automatically without questioning. But the end of the dream is important though. It suggests the whole dream arose out of her hidden fears of being hurt in a relationship.

Useful questions and hints:

What am I exiting from and what to?

Do I manage to find and make an exit?

Where am I heading when I take the exit?

Am I trying to escape from someone of something?

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