If you work in a factory, then it probably reflects feelings or issues to do with your work. But is also suggests things you do or the way you have lived that are by rote, habitual working attitudes, conformity or cooperation with the group or society. Your habitual, ‘mass produced’ reactions to life that might lack individuality. The factory might also refer to your body, its productiveness, industry, and its activities such as digestion.

The factory can at times indicate your productiveness, what you are creating with your life energy. Or sometimes how you are working hard and in fact you need to tear down what you have done and start again because it is not productive. So see the feeling of the dream to get its message.

In some dreams the theme is about the difference and choices one makes between being someone mass producing other peoples ideas, and being creative and with ones own initiative.

Factory workers are the active energies in you that support you daily tasks and are maybe creative in their supportive action. These creative processes emerge as outward productivity if healthy.

Example: I dreamt that I had been asked to run a sort of mission hall. It was a bare tin hall, wood on the inside. It seemed to be mostly black people I had to speak to. At first I simply stood up one end of the hall and spoke to them. I felt it was hardly worth the effort. I believe I suggested they work as a team and produce a book. Again I felt it was not worth the effort.

The next week I spoke, changes had already been made in the hall. An orderly notice board was on one side of the hall. There was now a sort of rostrum to speak from, with a microphone and amplifying system that Bob Miller had made.

A black woman of middle age, who was probably half African, half Indian, came to me at the table. She had with her two books they had produced between them. They were all workers in the factories, and worked at all basic industries such as steel making, engineering etc. The book was a series of absolutely beautiful pictures showing their place in industry and society. They were wonderful made, and I could see in every page the effort and loving care, along with teamwork and the appreciation and love and respect for myself and what I was trying to do with them, that I was overcome with humility and love for them. So much so I took the woman in my arms and held her close while I wept. It was a most ecstatic moment of love between us. Then she felt slightly embarrassed and turned away.

Useful questions and hints:

Is my relationship with the factory productive or destructive?

What is being produced or worked at – and does that relate to my activities or projects?

What condition are the workers in?

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