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Considering that passing faeces is a natural function, in dreams it can suggest getting rid of emotions or toxins that need to be released or let go of. Like digested food, faeces can represent experience that was relevant but now needs to be let go of. Very often expresses feelings of repulsion or distaste.

Sometimes this indicates something you have produced and created; something visible that has come out of you. Apart from the meaning mentioned under Cesspool, that is, the corruptible parts of human nature that become manure for new growth, faeces can also represent money or riches, fertility.

In another sense, to pass faeces with feelings of relief means to be rid of worrying burdensome feelings, of tension, or sexual repression. While to be covered in faeces may suggest a fear of being outwardly repulsive, or to harbour self destructive thoughts and feelings.

To play with faeces is a return to infantile behaviour; but it may develop in the dream into a question of what to do with them, or how to use them. This is the beginning of using our basic, earthly nature, to creative ends and the shaping of self. Because babies often play with their faeces, and have a feeling connection with them to do with their self expression and self-giving, in dreams showing this it could refer to an infant level of exploration or self expression.

Some dreams about faeces link with the body being clogged with toxins. This might show in dreams where faeces are everywhere and interfering with normal activities. Toxins might arise in the body through poor food, or through an allergy to something like wheat. So these dreams might be suggesting the physical need to have a healthy bowel.

From infancy we gradually learn to consciously control our bowel movements, and so excrement can depict either how we are controlling or the need to let go. This can link with the way we deal with money or how we give of ourselves. This is very important because we are told or taught how to control everything from our bowels, urine, anger, sexual feelings and ourselves, but we are not taught how to really let go of control and learn from life. See control; LifeStream

The Inca description of gold was ‘excrement of the gods’! Shit can of course produce wonderfully rich fertiliser.

If shitting on someone or something: Expressing desire to belittle them or to feel one’s superiority; heaping unjust accusations on someone; bringing something which appeared powerful into perspective.

Idioms: In the shit; feeling shitty; talking a lot of shit/crap; being shat on; being a shit. See: Toilet.

Useful questions:

Are there feelings I need to let go of?

Am I living in a way suggestive of being in a pig pen?

Does the dream suggest I am over controlling what comes out of me?

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-Krishna 2018-06-05 18:53:01

My mother had a dream in which she was cleaning up my feces and wondering how strange it was she was still doing this (I’m 36 years old). In the morning she rang me and told me to buy a lottery ticket. We didn’t win … What could the dream have meant?

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-06 12:26:48

    Krishna – Nearly always when people dream about someone they know or a strange new person or situation they automatically believe the dream is about that person, situation, or animal. But it is usually our thoughts or feelings that are portrayed as the person or even the animal; for when we think of our friend or partner our thoughts are not them – just our thoughts and feelings about them.

    Many people do not realise that they have an inner mother equally as powerful as an external mother. You have taken in millions of bits of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by loving and living with your mother, and they are a major influence in your early life, and in a few cases the child never becomes independent from its mother at any age. This is true even if your mother was never there for you – you still have all the memories of her not being there for you filed under ‘Mother’. The memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event. Such an inner mother can appear in dreams because you are still deeply influenced by what you hold within you. The inner mother can also signify what has been received via genes passed on or ancestral influences.

    So ask your mother when she is going to grow up and stop worrying about your childhood. A mother’s love and care for their baby can trigger their mothering instincts with a vengeance. Being female and a mother holds with it an enormously increased anxiety about their child. They see all manner of things that might be a threat or difficulty.

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