-Isaac 2014-01-07 6:16:02

Dreamt that i was flying with a parachut and was being chased by the police…. Thnks Tony

-James 2013-08-29 19:42:47

I have had two very similar dreams in the past six months. Both times I had been with a girl, (non-sexually) thoroughlly enjoying our time together and having fun. Toward the end of both dreams we were on top of a building and both times she stepped confidentlly to the edge and jumps off. I was a little anxious both times I saw this but both times she landed safe, about four stories down. There were groups of ppl waiting below and they merrily walked away. The girls were different each time and neither were my girlfriend, but seemed very familiar from my past. Could this just be me feeling apprehensive at the fact I’m with a girl that is not my gf? Or afraid of the change that would come from switching relationships? Thank you Tony.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-09-04 8:42:20

    James – Your dream is about your relationship with your feelings and sex. Dreams are a magical mirror in which your innermost hopes, longings, fears/terrors and genius are made real. They are made real as external environments, people, animals and relationships. So the person you dreamt about is not them, but is a dream image made out of your feelings and memories.

    The girl stepping of the building is saying that you need not be afraid of something awful happening in your inner world – you can be daring. See

    The rules/laws of your inner world of dreams are totally different to those of the outer world of the body. Dreams are just like computer games in which you get very involved and face monsters and kill or be killed and nothing has actually happened – you are still alive and unhurt. But in this wonderfully alive virtual reality of your dreams we are all playing the game of life – the game we play in which we face or run away from the things that scare us; in which we explore the depths of our existence or learn how to love – or simply meet a reflection of our own weakness, terror and of course the wonder of your inner genius.


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