Water is the great solvent, so the meaning will depend just on what fluid is dreamt of – medicine – poison – cleansing fluid? Put a word to it to help understanding. But fluid is also the beginning of life – the sexual fluid.

Basic to fluid is that it can take any shape and can flow. So see: and Water. See: Flow; Water

As we try to grow and develop our inner self, the first thing we have to do is to build a shed/cabin in the inner world. That is our first stable thing in a very fluid and shape shifting world. From there we can start to enter into what are very strange surroundings when seen from our experience in the body. It means that our sense of identity of ego is a very fragile thing and one needs to have great ego strength to venture into worlds o fexperience that question everything we know.

Also we go through the whole of evolution in the womb, from simple cell growth, through a creature with gills living under water, to readiness for an air breathing mammal. We carry these changes in our brain. So the amniotic fluid is often met in out dreams, which are often about our life lived before we developed self awareness. See Levels of the Brain

The fluid in our dreams can have magic properties like healing or radically changing things.

Example: I had climbed through a whole bunch of metal tunnels and shafts with another girl. She kept messing up and putting us in danger. After we made it out my father applauded us on our success. Awhile later I was with the girl again and was talking about what happened when I noticed something strange. The miniature x-ray, which I conveniently held, showed that the girls’ heart was different then a humans. I immediately started to tell her it was okay, I wouldn’t tell anyone when she killed me. It happened mid sentence and I would feel my body being filled with something else (fluid, or maybe melted?). After my death the dream carried on and I could see my own body mutilated with the eyes melted out in almost a green acid. For some reason I woke up not upset over what had happened, but with understanding and indifference.

The dream shows a period in which you matured and grew up. The girl wasn’t messing up, but purposely putting you in danger to see how you handled it. Obviously you did well as you got approval from the father you carry in you. The x-ray was there because during the trials you had developed a whole new way of seeing life, and the girl was actually a part of your own self. I believe the acid effect was probably due to you having developed this new view of life and to know and feel a difference in your ‘heart’. And of course any real change in you kills the old you, eats it away because the new view cannot exist along side it. And death is usually a normal part of dream life. It happens several times in our development – the death of our child self as it becomes adolescent; the death of adolescent self as it merges into adulthood.

Example: I also remember the weird fact that there was a plastic tub full of water in the hospital room in which I had given birth. Inside the tub was a sealed plastic bag containing amniotic fluid. Its form kept changing between the fluid and the placenta. I’ve tried, with no luck, to make sense of these dreams. Any more insight would be greatly appreciated.

Example: I dreamt I step into fluid, fluid is warm, I lay in it, I can breath under it. . I am a seal (the baby who can emerge from the water). This is the way, of lightness. . I want out. . just fluid. Hold me here forever. The essence of life. You can live and dwell in this. . I want out. . . I ‘m still in the bubble, but standing up. . fairy land, sparkle & images. . uncertain. fluid stuck to me still attached. Reproductive organs.

Useful questions and hints:

What type of fluid is this and what might it do or be used for?

Is this a fluid I know – if so what do I use it for or associate with it?

What is happening to or in the fluid?

What do you do with the sexual fluid in your dream?

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