Confusion; indecision; inability to see the real issues in yourself and your environment. The fog may also be an image of your state of mind – that you have a grey, lusterless mental view of things.

Another possibility is that the fog is an image of what is still unknown or hidden in you – your unconscious, and anything looming out of it is what is emerging into awareness.  People in a fog are often said to be trying to find their way home. Anxiety is a creator of confusion and fog.

Fear or anger starts is often seen in dreams as a fog that intiferes with our view of reality; it ends as something that can engulf you in its dark world. It suggests a strong need to clear the air mentally and emotionally.  Are you befogged by too many intellectual queries, doubts or objections. May also show your desire to hide your real motives behind a fog of self deceit.

However, this fragile thing we call self often builds powerful defences or boundaries to protect it from knowing its dependence upon the forces forming it. These defences often show themselves in rigid beliefs, in a fog of ignorance, in emotional outbursts against anything that might be felt to threaten, and also of course in the many ways in which we use drugs such as alcohol, medications and nicotine to deaden our sense perceptions of what is taking place around and within us.

Foghorn: warning of impending danger; fog-light – seeing better in a confusing situation; trying to improve perception. An obstacle or something confronting you that you have difficulty seeing.

Example: I am getting near to a place where the deads “live”; it is not a cemetery , it has big walls ( it is a place similar to the one I usually go to when I visit my grandparents in my dreams ) it is a   big space where a lot of people can be  . When at first  the gates open I am afraid by the thick fog which is everywhere, I can’t see anything, and I feel scared; I started running and I call for the livings; then the fog disappears and I am entering among the deads; there are all packed together , it’s a crowd of beings, I am looking for my grandfather, I see him and I recognize him, he is now a young  adolescent perhaps 12 or 13 . He doesn’t know who I am, and he doesn’t recognize me, I  don’t want to frighten him, I hug him and tell  him we belong to the same family, then I leave.

Example: I am in a grey fog. I am facing my mother, explaining that my father has been hitting me and maltreating me. I feel guilty. I turn to ask her if she knew what was happening. I began to think maybe she hadn’t known. She fades backwards into the mist.

Example: we were involved in some kind of change in time or shift in dimension or quality. There were difficulties involved but I had come through these. My son was doing it a different way to myself, entering into worlds of fantasy or images. I was worried about this, but in fact he came through the difficulties as easily as I did. It wasn’t that we changed our position in space at all, or even changed much as a person. I believe the main feeling was that the ‘dimensions’ were there, around us, in us, perhaps like a mysterious fog or barrier. Once we had passed through them they were no longer there to clear. There was also a sense of very real though intangible dangers. I see this as referring to such real dangers as loss of confidence, or loss of the hidden structures which make up sanity. At the end there was still a feeling that powerful forces were still to be met in an everyday sense – something like an opposing force – but 2000 baby carp fish had just joined us. At first I felt such tiny creatures couldn’t be any help. Then I realised these were forces in the unconscious which made a big difference.

Idioms: Not the foggiest.

Useful questions and hints:

What am I feeling in the fog or about the fog, and can I connect that with my waking life?

If there is fear in the dream what am I afraid of?

Am I seeing or feeling other things in the fog, if so what am I becoming aware of?

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