In some football games there is real prizes, money, but in many there is the sense of success or feeling of defeat, so dreaming of football can indicate these. But in dreams, football is often used to represent life, where chances we take can have very direct connection with real events.

What we do in our dream game will indicate how we are playing the ‘game’ of life. We may be playing recklessly, by the rules, skilfully, caringly etc. These indications can be seen as comments on our real life activities.

With football in particular there is competition between teams. They represent for many people the strong drive to identify with a tribe, a group. They are therefore ways you might gain identity and a sense of connection with people around you. In growing internationalism, such games may be of vital importance to maintaining a sense of identity; otherwise you may feel lost in a multitude.

Useful questions and hints:

What does football represent for you?

Do I gain an identity and connection with others from it?

Do I have a feeling of win or lose about my life?

Is the game involving money?

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