If this is a garden fork, it indicates your activity to change yourself, or your situation in some way. For instance when you dig a garden or fork it over you are working on it to improve its situation and to clear the weeds or ‘problems’. Such activity on yourself can often uncover things buried from your past, or allow things to now grow fruitfully. See: digging.

The fork appears in some dreams as an aggressive weapon, or certain an expression of irritated or defensive feelings. Also, like spade or shovel, it can be used as a way of burying something or someone as well as uncovering. As such it indicates anger or aggression that suppresses emotions connecting you with another person or thing.

Example: My father is sitting across the table from me, but a little way down the table to my left. There are some pieces of bread covered with grated cheese on the table for me to eat. I choose one and just before I pick this piece up, my father reaches across the table, takes it and very deliberately gives it to my mother. At first I am stunned, then I am enraged. I reach across the table and grab ahold of his tie and pull him forward. He pulls out a big meat fork and I grab it (by the horns!) and pull him across the table. I then sort of go unconscious and when I come to, I find myself pushing the fork into the ground. “You are never going to do this to me again,” I say and I drive the fork into the ground again and again. When I am finished stabbing the fork in the ground, everyone is sitting at the table silently eating. My father is gone. I have the feeling that I have killed him, but I don’t remember how. I was in a total rage at him. I just wasn’t going to put up with his shit anymore.

Fork for eating: A table fork is a way of satisfying your hunger or needs in a socially acceptable way. What you put on your fork is often an act of choosing or decision – of like and dislike. Cutlery can indicate poverty or riches in its quality, also social nicety through placing and using cutlery.

For a family a table has all the right knives and forks. It has all the correct glasses. Table has manners.

Fork in the road: Sometimes, if you are right handed, taking the left fork can mean a wrong thing, but not always. The left fork can also mean a turn into the hidden or inconscious part of you. Even a parting from accustomed way or relationship.

But fork in a road indicates a decision or conflict of interests, and so it is important to be aware of how and why you decide. What you are choosing between may be indicated by the dream, but it is often a choice between what you feel and what you believe or are led to believe by your cultural programming; between your deep down needs and your desires or what appears to be instant gratification; between what nature knows within you and what you believe to be true. Sometime this is experimental and you can – as in any dream – explore the different possibilities. See Secrets of Power Dreaming; Left-Right

Example: I go the left fork. My mother says, “The gravel looks different here.” I say, “You’re right.” I made the wrong turn and I go back to the fork to go down the right fork. I had intuitively felt it was the right way, even before my mother spoke.

Useful questions and hints:

Am I working at improving who I am – and if so in what way and what am I achieving?

Is something being uncovered or buried here, and what?

What choices am I facing at this time – or what is pulling me in different directions?

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