The fantasy or make-believe world you can enter to distract your attention from everyday life. It could also suggest a practice run at living or taking risks.

Going on a ride might indicate getting involved in something, perhaps a relationship, or the meeting a new level of development – child into teenager for instance. A ride can also link with sexual experience and indicate your feelings or reactions to it. It shows if you enjoy, are frightened of, or want to get away from the ‘ride’. See: Amusement park.

Example: I am in a fair or a funfair environment with someone who is both my ex wife and my wife. She is on a ‘ride’ in which one has a tray on ones lap, and at an unexpected moment the machine flips the tray upwards. If you can prevent this you win, and can keep what is on the tray – which I believe is food. My wives do not manage to do this. I start to look at the machine to see how this might be done, but now the whole ‘ride’ changes and become a cinema and a film is showing. I get up to go because I do not want to sit through a film. My wife is sitting in a seat near the back, on the aisle. As I get near she grabs my leg and holds it near her lap. She is shouting out in some sort of sexual excitement. I think she is saying something like – This is how it should be. I don’t think so and pull away. Doing so generates a powerful feeling in me of dissociation, of wanting to be away from Brenda/Hyone. This is very strong and leaves me feeling alone and apart from anyone. I have my son in my arms. He is about three and I am holding him under my coat against my chest protectively.


Useful questions and hints:

In what way am I involved with the funfair and how am I responding to it?

Am I with anybody else and what is the relationship?

What feelings am I dealing with, and is that like a practice run?

Are there things I fear in the dream, if so what are they?

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