An electrical fuse represents that part of your ideas, resolves or confidence that may break down if pressure is brought to bear. Or it can be a word play to indicate unity.

Sometimes a fuse is a signal or a sign of danger, as when a fuse is lit for a bomb, or  a fuse blows again and again without cause.  Sometimes the fuses can go in a house when a person has died.

The fuse is a connection between your body or yourself, and the energy flowing into the various ways you express yourself – movement, dance, sex, speech, thought, curiosity, etc. The example below how intense sexual feelings can be shown as dangerous.

A noise or light in the room sets off an orgasm as I’m sitting on a couch. I put a magazine up by my face, pretending to read it so no one will see my face and I try not to respond to the strong orgasm. I’m embarrassed. Then I hear electricity zapping in the next room. I am aware this is dangerous and am leaving the house so I’ll be safe, when I see a small girl child bend down to pick up the zapping cord. She’s standing in the water. I yell, “NO! NO! Don’t touch that.” She seems unharmed. I rush out of the house, carrying her, looking for the fuse box.

Dreams also use the idea of fusing one thing with another. Two people can be fused into one, or we can fuse with an animal as one being. But fusing if an everyday part of us. What we take into us mentally, psychologically or physically becomes one with us. When we eat for instance it become the living part of us. Also we take into us the many things learnt in a relationship and they are fused with us. How many people do we fuse with as we grow and mature?

Useful questions:

What is happening to the fuse, and what does this suggest about my energy flow?

Have I being stressed lately and ‘blown a fuse’?

What will be ignited or destroyed by the fuse.

What do I feel myself merging with or integrating?

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