Humans frequently correctly predict the future – not out of a bizarre ability, but from the information gathered about the present.  Or we fear the future, or at least our thoughts and worries of what it can bring. Some women even fear the possibility of childbearing.

The dream about the future is ‘a tentative feeler toward the future’; ‘a dress-rehearsal for life,’ in which the dreamer reveals his hopes, fears, and plans for the future. This can be seen in any long journal of dreams, but only if the dreamer explores the dreams and reveals the core of what the dream is really about. You can become very aware of your present state of being and your possible future. It is only your possible future predicated from the time of the dream. It appears that what we do today casts shadows that are our future. But because we may change and act differently the shadows of the future change. See Using Your Intuition Answer to Critics

Therefore loving relationships in dreams are ways of exploring our own possibilities, not only within ourselves, but also in future relations. Some girls dream of becoming pregnant and giving birth even though they have no man in their life. Such dreams are ways of experimenting with the future. Through them the girl learns to deal with anxieties and become more confident in facing their own future as a mother.

For countless thousands of people, they have also been a time travel machine through which glimpses of the past and future were given – or a means of realising that consciousness can roam free of the physical body and witness events at a distance. I know many people question this so see Answer to Critics

Anxiety regarding external world, political forces, that you feel at the mercy of, are usually about fears for the future and what might develop in the external world through the immense forces of politics and national conflict. I remember a young man telling me he was not going to bring children into the world because of the comming atomic war. They were only fears arising from reading news reports, and his worries never happened. Most fears about the future are based on ideas and it is impossible except in a state of mind which transcends the limits of out body to predict the future.

There is a problem about so called predictive dreams, it is that many dreams felt to be predictive never come true. Often dreamers want to believe they have precognitive dreams, perhaps to feel they will do not want to be surprised by, and thereby anxious about, the future. When the baby son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped, and before it was known he was murdered, 1300 people sent ‘precognitive’ dreams concerning his fate in response to newspaper headlines. Only seven of these dreams included the three vital factors – that he was dead, naked and in a ditch.

Out of 8000 dreams in his Registry For Prophetic Dreams, Robert Nelson, who was sent the dreams prior to what was predicted, has found only 48 which bear detailed and recognisable connection with later events. See: prophetic dreams.

Peering within yourself, because dreams do can sometimes see the future, your hopes, plans, and fate. It can also indicate your wholeness, indicating your ability to be aware of intuitive impressions and creative imagery. It is a window to the world of your inner feelings, passions, love and dreams – your soul, and your ability to look deeply into it. The following dream illustrates this.

Example: My beautiful friend looks into the crystal. It was not a thing made of glass, but a great dimension of mind which appears to open in the room, hanging in the centre of it, about eight feet across. She tells me I am already touching something that is beginning to happen in the world. My life will become involved in it. I will play a part – by no means a key role or leader, but one which I will gain great satisfaction and love from.

The man who dreamt this says that everything told him in the dream in 1991 has all come to pass in his life.

See esp in dreams; precognition


-Ryan 2015-10-27 1:26:21

I had a dream about this woman I use to date a bit back years ago and went to high school with. She was like hey remember this time and that time etc. Well the morning after I woke up from this dream she added me to Facebook. I haven’t been thinking of her or anything. Coincidence or psychic dream?

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