If referring to dangerous airy substance: Harmful thoughts, insinuated evil masquerading as ideas or refined feelings. Also as in the example it can be about something that causes you to lose awareness, not remember or even feeling you are dying.

It could at times lead to an explosive situation, indicating enormous energy release.

Example:  “At the eighth session I re-lived with great anxiety fighting against being anaesthetised for tonsillectomy. I fought with three doctors who tried to hold me down and I was anaesthetised in a state of acute terror. After the recall of these memories, I felt a great sense of relief from tension.”

If referring to car fuel: See: petrol

Example: The teacher leads the men to a river. He places the girl on the waves where she floats happily, still gurgling. He then pushes her under water. Here I become the baby. I can feel myself breathing water and my arms thrashing. It doesn’t hurt. Then everything goes black and I feel as if I’ve been given gas at the dentist’s. I am 17 and dreamt this while sitting exams.

Useful questions:

Is there a subtle or even poisonous influence in you life?

Is the gas explosive? If so be careful of ‘explosive’ life situations.

Gas can do so many things, everything from put you to sleep, to lighting, or lifting you up in an air balloon. So what is the gas doing in your dream, and what is its influence?

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