Geese Goose

A sense of freedom. If flying it suggests your essence as it moves with the forces of life and perhaps flies through many lives. It might also point to wanderlust. In some cases you might use the goose as a symbol for life long relationship.

Geese fly very high and can cover huge distances, suggesting that your inner life can achieve a wider awareness. and in doing so can incorporate masses if information. See Wider awareness

Because geese mate for life and seek out a partner, it can sometimes illustrate the way you are going about finding partner.

The goose can, in the dream world, lay the golden eggs. This indicates great fertility and wealth in life.

But like any animal, a goose also represents the complex behaviors that we see in a goose or a flock. So they can depict a part of you that is responding to fairly instinctive ways of doing things. For instance a goose will instinctively attack if frightened, and it finds security in a group. But such instinctive responses are rooted in a great depth of experiences.

We also use the word goose to indicate foolishness or group conformity.

Idioms: ones goose is cooked; silly goose; mother goose; flight of geese; wild goose.


Useful questions:

What is your dream describing about any desire to fly free?

Are you seeing yourself as a flock of fussing geese making a lot of noise?

What fixed behaviour or instinctive response is shown in your dream?

Am I a silly goose or wise with instinctive knowledge?

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