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The meaning of this in your dream depend upon what you think and feel about Germany and Germans. See Associations Working With

If you are travelling in germany in your dream see Foreign countries

Because of two world wars and the many war film that include Germany and other nations, we may use one or the other of them as enemies, and so this usually indicate an area of conflict you are facing. See battle

Example: I had a recurring dream from childhood to mid twenties. I’m a British soldier in WW1, sitting in trenches chatting, killing time before being ordered to go ‘over the top’. On one occasion we were ordered ‘over the top’. The usual ensued, then I encountered a German whom I shot before he managed to shoot me.

These battle scenes in adult or childhood dreams are usually about the internal conflicts that occasionally rage in most of us. For instance a woman struggling with her appetite in order to slim, might well have this battle with her hunger shown as warfare in her dreams. Common things we have such conflict with are anger, sexuality and of course the awfulness of some home environments, which are like battlegrounds.

Very occasionally such dreams show the connection  between our present life and past events. For instance each nation, out of its history develops certain characteristics. Our own character is shaped by these through our parents. Sometimes, the trauma left by things like war or religious persecution, are evident in a persons life born years after the event. This is popularly seen as evidence of past lives.

Example: I’m 18 and for the past two years I’ve had this repetitive dream. I am in a war zone during the second world war dressed in 40’s clothes. I see a German soldier with a rifle and before I can run away he shoots me in my left leg and I wake with a strange sensation in my leg. The dream occurs two or three times a month. Marcia

This is a clear example Marcia of how dreams describe your life situation in symbols. The 2nd world war was a time of huge struggle and combat. This says you are in a similar period in your life. You are experiencing great internal change and perhaps indecision. The clothes say this is even altering the way you express yourself outwardly. Your left leg represents the inner confidence that enables you to ‘stand on your own feet’. The injury shows how your internal conflict over the past two years has undermined your independence, but particularly your ability to boldly carve out a future for yourself. You distinctly feel the wound in your leg because, as well as their imagery and emotion, dreams are a very physical event.

The dream begs the question of what will you do with your situation. Obviously events have hurt you. Will you lie on the battlefield of life wounded? Your inner life is a magic place in which whatever you feel or believe becomes real. We then tend to make this externally real too. So don’t live in a battleground. Love yourself. Heal your wound. Then strive with the rest of us to create a caring world.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are there any areas of conflict in me I am aware of?

Conflict can be started at any age – even in babyhood.

What are my associations with Germany or Germans?

Have I travelled to Germany?

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-Fallon 2015-10-11 13:39:47

I had a dream I fell in love with a german man. He came to america to travel. He promised to take me with him. For some reason, his grandfather/uncle didn’t like me and was dying back in germany. The guy I loved said he couldn’t take me because if he did, his male relation would die and put a curse on me. He left.
I went to work (I’m a cashier in waking life). I was annoyed at the repeativity and the blank faces and left. I packed a bookbag and found a ferry to take me. The big kind that takes a bunch of cars on it. I was sitting in the back seat with the window open. People in other cars were talking to each other. One man in a car talked about that he was going through hardship and had no money. He had to leave. The man ahead of him on the ferry laughed and told an opposite story. He had just won a lot of money and was going on a trip. I was annoyed with the rich man because the two men seeemed the same one in the same grey car. I found myself in the driver seat. I got out of the car and walked to the front of the ferry. I could feel the boat moving. I remembered the man I had loved I could hear his voice talking as I walked.
“Just go if you want to. He’s not going to stop you.”

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