Glass Drinking

It depends what is in the glass. See alcohol

In so many films and TV shows people are shown with a glass in their hands. Also at weddings and parties it is the same, people wandering around drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a known poison and health risk, it is also a downer, its action is to make one less aware. But for many people holding a glass can represent good times, friendship, intimacy – or drunkenness and death of sexual feelings.

It can also for some represent making money. The profits on selling alcohol is significant.

Empty Drinking Glasses: Past events; memories.

Full Glasses: Present or future experience. Perhaps something you are thirsting for. What is in the glass also holds information. See: break; cup

Useful questions and hints:

What do you associate with holding a glass?

What memories are there for you in the glass?

What is the theme of the dream?

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