Gliding Glide

Gliding is often a controlled form of falling. It is usually felt as pleasurable, and is sometimes linked with sex in some way. It suggests as in some of the examples pleasurable control. But as the examples show, it can express in many different ways. As the last example shows, the pleasure was something he tried to escape from.

Example: I get in my hang glider and fly over the vast acres of trees and crops I own. I am very wealthy. My wife is trying to take it away from me. She’s a glittery, non-caring woman, selfish. I come back. It’s hard because I’m gliding against the wind. I finally make it work. She’s stealing jewelry from my house. I want to kill her and prepare to do so.

Example: Just like Tammy, I can also control that state of sleep. At first it was afraid but every time it occurs to me, I feel more and more free to control what’s happening. As I was searching for answer on what I’m experiencing, I found out that this is called sleep paralysis. And again just like Tammy, I mostly glide and fly and actually feel falling. I’m always looking forward to sleep paralysis.

Example: I am on  yacht with my parents in the Med. It is beautiful. Then we are docked at our local canal and are burgled several times. I go for a walk and find a wonderful girl on a high cliff. She had an amazing calming effect on me such as I have never known before. We glide off the cliff and fly high into the sky as I sing beautiful opera music.

The girl is your own wholeness, your full potential. Few of us manage to ever materialise this completely. As you meet this you sing because you feel the flow of creativity and intuitive insights you never accessed before. But you have only touched them, not brought them fully to consciousness. And there is a difficulty, the burglar. Something in your family life, old attitudes perhaps, stand in the way. There may be a skeleton in the cupboard, something to realise concerning your family’s stand in dealing with life.

Example: Gliding from a mountain top. Then I am with Pat Brown, a girl friend I knew at school. I am lying on top of her holding her breasts. Then I was being led into rooms but avoiding them each time as I felt some sort of trap and threatened imprisonment. To avoid being caught I take a deep breath and this caused me to fly up into the air and away.

Useful questions and hints:

Was there any fear in the dream?

Where you aiming to reach a goal?

What pleasure did you feel, and have you felt similar feelings while awake?

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