One can be glued to the television, or a book. It can there­fore express emotional and intellectual involvement, empathy, sympathy or love. But it can also mean bonds or dependencies you find difficult to break.

A means of fixing things to places, or to mend them. Sometimes it is an attempt to cover up mistakes by gluing things together. May indicate a wish to bind someone or something to you. Spilling glue might have sexual indications.

Example: My father points out a circle on a sign, like an Indian hoop, but it’s an auto tire with tools glued to it to advertise a local car repair shop.

Example: She becomes aware she has some sort of glue all over her face. She is trying to pill it off and it teats her skin slightly as she pulls it away. She feels it has been suffocating her.

Example: I dreamed, I am putting glue on my face, which dries to a film like a mask, and I think of putting it on my penis. This dream occurred just as I was getting involved in the company, which indeed sold an adhesive (though not intended for the body). Yet I did not know what to make of the dream. A few days later, one of the officers of the company joked with me that perhaps the glue would be good for patching condoms. And then, as I became involved with the job, I found myself writing advertising material that was disagreeable to me. I had to go along with attitudes that at least were not discussed to the point of agreement. So I felt sometimes that I had to present a mask and was impotent to express my own opinions.

Useful questions and hints:

Do you feel you are ‘stuck’ with something?

Has it worked or is a strange thing being glued?

Was your face involved?

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