Gnome Goblin Knockers or Spirits

A part of our personality left undeveloped or not integrated. For instance we may have musical ability which was suppressed by the need to bring up children; a part of self malformed by painful childhood experience or lack of emotional nourishment. It may therefore be a link with our unconscious. See: Fairy.

A gnome in a dream represents the power of the unconscious when linked with ones deepest wishes or childhood dreams. See: dwarf.

The magical world that relates to one’s “inner child,” and the inner treasures or abilities that the dreamer may possess. But they often represent the forces of the unconscious that can reveal great gems of truth, or stand in the way of doing it yourself.

Goblins or Knockers: They represent the mischievous, ill meaning side of us that we have not acknowledged and so appear in strange forms. As a knocker it might be a warning of some sort, depending on the rest of the dream.

Spirits: Apart from spirits of the dead the term may also refer to any incorporeal or immaterial beings, such as demons or deities. In a dream they are usually associated with parts of our emotional energy that has been repressed by fear or misunderstanding, and so is expressed as frightening or destructive influences. See ghost

Example: I fell asleep on a long couch journey to Spain whilst travelling through France. A colourful gnome jumped up and down the kerb. A while later I saw in my dream a black thin female figure with a band of bright light around the head like a band. She was moving gracefully like a puppet. It had a peaceful aura. When arriving in Spain I saw the gnome in a souvenir shop exact size, and next to it were a few dolls with weird big black eyes. Also I saw the black figure resemblance whilst at a cabaret show. Puppets came on that were black with fluorescent lighting around the head, identical except they were men.

Useful questions and hints:

Do I feel threatened or frightened by my dream?

Can I recognise that the dream characters are projections of what I have read or seen?

What can I do to alter my dream?

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