This is like a signature, a connection with the person, an attempt to have a presence in society, to move beyond being the lost ant in the huge anthill. It can also be a message from your unconscious. So often graffiti is a real message from your dream self, try to understand it.

Graffiti may also be felt as an intrusion of other people into your life and your world.

Example: I stumble into the department for the study of subcultures — everything is grungy and citylike. There’s graffiti pieces everywhere, covering everything. Hookers are standing around. A street sign that says “TWO” is on the corner — this was supposed to mean like Second Street, Downtown, etc. Somehow, I stumble into the Porn department. It seems that some religious vandal has been through, ripping the place apart, throwing videotapes and movie reels, film, photos, everywhere. Some bureaucratic vandals have been through, too — the Porn department is being cut, immediately. The head of the department, a clean-cut, sixtyish, solid woman in a business suit, explains what’s happening. As I stand there listening, two or three young women come in, wearing very casual, California surfer-type clothes. When they hear the news they become very, very upset — one is even crying. they put a lot into their department, after all.

Example: I see a brightly glowing green and red light in the corner of my vision. I look around and realise that this light is coming from a tree in the car park. There is a big graffiti drawing there, painted on the huge tree trunk, lit up from below with floodlights. I go closer and realise that it’s a sign, one that I must have written during the time between kissing the man and ‘waking up’. It says, ‘Does anyone know what happened last night, between the hours of ** and ** , everyone was evacuated and I was here in the car park talking to a man. I have lost an entire day.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If the graffiti is readable what does it say?

Does it mean anything to you?

Wht do you associate with it?

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